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Secondary Email Address – Students

  • What is my secondary email address?

    Your secondary email in most cases is the email address you included on your application to South Dakota State University. Also could be the email you received your acceptance letter or any other correspondence from the university.

  • How can I update my secondary email address?

    Students can fill out to following form in order to update their secondary email address https://www.sdstate.edu/sites/default/files/campus/records/upload/changeaddressform.pdf

Secondary Email Address – Student Employees

  • If you are a student employee, your secondary email address is automatically set as your Jacks email address. So check your student email for the password reset link.

Secondary Email Address – Faculty/Staff

  • Faculty/Staff need to set their own secondary email address via the online directory on Insidestate. Search your name on the directory and once you open your profile you can enter your secondary information. Only you have the permission to edit your secondary information.

International Information

  • The password reset page does not work for users located outside of the United States, for assistance with resetting your password please contact the SDSU Support Desk at (605) 688-6776 or sdsu.supportdesk@sdstate.edu

When will my new password take effect?

  • While most systems will take your new password right away, we suggest waiting 10-15 minutes for the new password to synchronize.

  • Email and applets through Mystate (housing, NSO, meal plan, etc.) could take up to 30 minutes to synchronize correctly.

What should I do if my account is locked out or disabled?

  • If your SDSU account is locked out, you will need to wait 15 minutes before trying again. Or call the SDSU Support Desk at (605) 688-6776 and they will unlock it for you.

  • If your WebAdvisor is disabled wait 45 minutes and then try logging in again. The Support Desk in unable to re-enable your account.

  • If your SDSU account is disabled, contact the SDSU Support Desk at (605)688-6776 or sdsu.supportdesk@sdstate.edu for more information about account disables.

What is the difference between my SDSU Account and my BORIS Account?

  • Your SDSU is for anything connected only to SDSU. This includes: email, Mystate, Insidestate, network access (wifi), Tutor Trac, AIM, and a long list of other programs.

  • Your BORIS account is your account for anything on the state level. This would include ImageNow and Cognos.

Why do I have to meet so many requirements to reset my password?

Need more information or have questions?

  • Contact the SDSU Support Desk at (605)-688-6776 or sdsu.supportdesk@sdstate.edu

  • Or visit the Support Desk in Morrill Hall Room #131 for more assistance.